Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Clashing Time talks Wasabi Cambridge

Last week I met up with a load of lovely blogger ladies for the launch of the new Wasabi store in Cambridge. I love Wasabi for their noodles and always try to pick up a pot at either Embankment or Kings Cross in London after a lovely day trip out. When I found out that Wasabi was opening in Cambridge I was very excited as I have only recently got into Japanese food in the past few years. I used to like quite traditional meals, but when I went to university and in the years since it has all changed. Before the launch I was a sushi virgin, the idea of raw fish did not appeal to me at all. I think that sometimes you have to put yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things and I've got to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely be up for trying new types of sushi in the future. If you're out and about in Cambridge and want somewhere to go then definitely do give Wasabi a try. The unit is lovely and bright, full of simple, clean, crisp designs that demonstrates Japanese style to a T. The lovely ladies from Wasabi have given us all a £5 voucher to use and it will be perfect for picking up a lunch time snack when I'm in town. Thank you for the invitation Wasabi, it's great to see new businesses coming to Cambridge and doing so well. CTx

Clashing Time talks 3 Minute Makeup

After watching the 3 minute makeup challenge on Helen Anderson's YouTube channel last month, I decided that I would give it a try. I've got to admit, I was quite nervous about putting my bare face on the internet - but really, if I can't share it with you lot, then I can't with anyone! The blogging community sees girls with no makeup on all the time. Whether it's for a makeup tutorial, an honest and heartfelt vlog or even a relaxed holiday trip away, girls are becoming more and more comfortable sharing their no-makeup looks and I think it's great. Whilst doing the challenge I realised that I'm not very good at doing my makeup quickly...I think I looked a complete mess after trying the challenge and I realise now that I need more time to put my face on. Give it a try...I dare ya! CTx

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Clashing Time talks Strada Secret Super

Last week I went to a #SecretSupper club at Strada Cambridge on Trinity Street with Alice from The Middle Sister and we had such a laugh. They have recently decided to re-launch their menu since being taken over and I certainly noticed the difference! They want to concentrate more on working with local farmers and chefs to rejuvenate their menus, and they intend to do it more often in order to use more seasonal fruit and vegetables. We started the evening with a glass of process and samples a variety of amazing mini portions of meals. We got to try tomato garlic pizza bread, ravioli and carbonara, but the best by far was definitely the risotto - something that I don't normally pick when out for dinner! This dish was beautifully flavoured with such a fantastic pea and mint taste, so lovely and light, and definitely the type of dish I will choose in the future. Next we moved onto the epic three course meal that they offer during the week between 12-7 for only £12! I started with a scrummy spring vegetable bruschetta, then moved on to the feather steak and chips (cooked to perfection might I add), and then finished it all off with some delicious mango sorbet. We got talking to the guests around us the whole evening and even got to speak to the manager about the great plans they have for the future. Of course I enjoyed the meal, but what I enjoyed more was the excitement from the manager about the freedom they have been given at the Cambridge branch to experiment and see what works best. It's lovely to see such trust from a national organisation! If you get the chance then please do pop in and try their new menu, and let me know what you think. CTx

Monday, 8 June 2015

Clashing Time talks Claireabellemakes Craft Party

Last weekend I went to the Claireabellemakes Craft Party with some other blogging friends and we had so much fun! It was held at Rhode Island Cafe/Restaurant in Cherry Hinton, Cambridge and the venue couldn't have been any lovelier, I'm definitely going to have to do a review on my blog of it soon. There was such a great group of ladies there, some bloggers and some crafters and it was a really nice mix of people. I was lucky enough to convince Laura and Lisa to come along with me and it was great to see them both so near to me in Cambridge! I have got so into crafting recently, I am obsessed with furniture painting, pin board making...the list goes on. It's safe to say that Pinterest is my new best friend for crafting and DIY ideas. So when Claire mentioned about doing a bloggers meet up that involved crafting, I jumped at the opportunity to be involved. We started by all listening to Claire explaining what we had to do...including the health and safety areas that we had to listen to as there was a hot glue gun around (although I still burnt myself - silly!) and then we were off! She was so helpful the whole way through, stopping and assisting where she could for each and every one of us and I am so proud of Claire for pulling it all off! I really can't wait for her next few events to come, especially as it only cost £20 per person and I got to meet some great new people. Thank you Claire, it was really fantastic doing some crafting together on a Sunday afternoon!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Clashing Time talks Souksy

A few months ago I went to the Bloggers Love Fashion Week event in London and had a great time socialising and meeting loads of amazing new people from the blogging community. I picked up some incredible goodies from the event and felt so fortunate to have been gifted so much. My favourite item from my goodie bag was definitely this stunning necklace from Souksy London. The lady on the stall for Souksy was so interesting, she had such an inspiring story about working her way up in London for years and then realised she really wanted to have her own company selling beautiful pieces like the one below. I think that's one of the great things about blogging events, you can meet people from different walks of life that you may have never met without this community. Since receiving this necklace I have honestly worn it most weekends, to blogging events, to Big Weekend, my friends birthday...the list goes on. Plus, I always get complimented on it as well! So I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to Souksy London for this statement necklace that will forever be my go-to piece. If you want to check them out, click on the link above.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Clashing Time talks Radio 1's Big Weekend ft Jim Chapman

Last weekend I went to Radio 1's Big Weekend with my beautiful friend Jess from The Brit Abroad and we had the best time ever. I am completely lazy and didn't even apply to get tickets, but Jess being the great person that she is sat for ages on the internet and managed to get us tickets for both days. I know, how lucky am I? We stayed with friends in Norwich and it made life so much easier as we got to drive up in the morning and then got to go to bed nearby rather than driving back to Cambridge. It really made me realise how much I miss Norwich!
I saw some incredible acts like Taylor Swift, David Guetta, Rudimental and then some more chilled out acts like Ben Howard as well. There was such a great atmosphere over the whole weekend and everyone walked around with huge grins on their faces! To top it all off, as you will have seen by my title, I was lucky enough to meet Jim Chapman!! Check out the video to find out more about the amazing weekend with Radio 1...

Clashing Time talks The Positivity Tag

My lovely friend Kat from Laydey Katabella asked me to do The Positivity Tag and I was so pleased to do this! It's so nice to take a moment to appreciate all the positivity out there and I definitely don't think we do this enough.
Some of the questions I really had to think about as you don't often take the time to spin a negative thing into something fun and happy. Most women are stuck in their ways and automatically associate certain body parts with negative thoughts, but it felt so good to force myself to do it! Take a look and let me know what you think...

If you would like to do the tag yourself, the questions are...
1. Name three things in your life that make you feel happy and positive
2. What do you do to try and be more positive?
3.What do you like to do to relax?
4. What is your favourite positive quote?
5. Everybody has a part of their body that they dislike. Say something positive about yours
6. Who are your positive role models?
7. Who should do this tag next?

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Clashing Time talks The Blogger Spotlight

I recently got asked some lovely ladies at Cision UK to take part in their Blogger Spotlight! They wanted to find out a little bit more about me, my blog and what inspires me in the hope that I might inspire other bloggers. Cision UK is a communications company that works with bloggers all the time and have a fantastic database of clients and bloggers used for fantastic blogger engagement projects. To find out more about Cision UK click HERE.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Clashing Time talks #MyChocBloggers Event

I recently went along to a #LDNMeetUp event held by the beautiful girls Lauren and Jenny in London and it was fantastic. The event was a chocolate making class at My Chocolate UK near Highbury and Islington and I am so pleased that I went along. I arrived at the station near to the venue and was met by the organiser Lauren and a ton of other beautiful girlies so that we could get some taxis together to the event. My Chocolate is so fortunate to be in a gorgeous building right next to the river with huge glass windows on one side so natural light shines in whilst you're having a giggle with your friends. The tables were set out like in school so everyone could see the demonstrations at the front and each group had a perfectly set up display of all the different tools we would need throughout the day. We heard from the owner and the head chocolate maker and then got stuck in! Watch my video above to find out how it went...

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Clashing Time talks #SLBloggersBash

A few weeks ago I went to an event organised by the lovely Scarlett London and Search Laboratory. It was held at One Alfred Place in Soho and was arranged to bring bloggers together and to get them talking to some incredible brands about what they are up to. I was lucky enough to get the day off from work so I decided that I would venture down to London for the day with my new blogging buddy Kat from Laydey Katabella and make the most of the event! The 'Bash' had lots going on, but it was fantastic because there was such a relaxed atmosphere in the room - perfect for socialising and chatting to brands. Every so often a brand would announce a prize draw of some sort, and each blogger squealed with excitement as they went up to collect their goodies! After applying only minutes before one prize draw was announced, I was lucky enough to win a goodie bag from Wynsors Shoes filled with lots of treats. The blogging community is such an amazing thing and I do truly feel honoured to be part of it. I met some great people at the Bloggers Bash and I hope to see lots of them again at events in the future. The people in this community feel the same anxieties and same pressures as you, so when someone helps you to all come together, it's a really joyous occasion. Thank you so much to Scarlett and Search Labs for an incredible day!

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